Company Profile

The Security and Logistics Experts
Honeywell Global Tracking (HGT) offers global services in two areas:

  • Commercial satellite-based asset tracking and monitoring;
  • Fully integrated Search & Rescue solutions based on international Cospas-Sarsat standards

Both divisions leverage decades of satellite communications experience and have a proven track record of world leading innovation, reliability and global reach. Our parent company, Honeywell International Inc, has $40B in annual revenue and offers access to best-in-class manufacturing facilities, research labs, and the resources, global reach and economies of scale associated with a Fortune 100 company.

Asset Tracking & Monitoring
HGT is a global provider of satellite terminals, applications, network connectivity, and professional services for industrial tracking, monitoring, control, and management of mobile and fixed assets. We provide the hardware, network and applications that work together to deliver a cost-effective, integrated approach for tracking and monitoring of vehicles, vessels and heavy equipment anywhere in the world. With decades of experience in satellite communications, HGT understands the unique challenges involved in tracking remote assets, and is in a unique position to deliver high value solutions for the machine-to-machine (M2M) market.

The Leading M2M Application Provider
Our integrated product and service offerings are used by organizations in the transportation, maritime, oil & gas industries, as well as logistics operations for military, governmental and NGO’s around the world.  We provide these comprehensive solutions through a global network of partners, VARs and distributors. These partners deliver high-quality, reliable systems and solutions customized to fit each customer's unique asset tracking and resource management requirements. Honeywell Global Tracking has deployed a fleet of over 200,000 terminals.

Industry Leadership and Vision
As a global leader in asset tracking solutions, Honeywell Global Tracking has been setting the standard for reliable and affordable M2M applications. Our best-in-class hardware, coupled with IsatM2M satellite connectivity and advanced mapping and journey management applications, have provided mission-critical asset tracking and monitoring solutions to customers world-wide for years. All HGT tracking and monitoring solutions add a layer of security, in-transit visibility and operational efficiency to organizations of all sizes.

Global Leader in Search & Rescue (SAR) Solutions
Honeywell Global Tracking is the world’s leading equipment and services provider of Cospas-Sarsat compliant Search & Rescue solutions, with approximately 65% global market share. The company designs and builds solutions for the Ground Stations of the three satellite constellations; Low Earth Orbit (LEO), Geostationary Orbit (GEO) and the next-generation Mid-Earth Orbit (MEO) constellations.

In addition to the back-end infrastructure, networking and signal processing equipment, Global Tracking’s SAR solution also includes SARMaster, a full-featured Incident Management Application used by front-line Search & rescue operators at Mission Control Centers (MCCs) and Rescue Coordination Centers (RCCs) to coordinate all aspects of Search & Rescue operations.​