Land Mobile

Honeywell Global Tracking delivers satellite-based products and services for tracking, monitoring and protecting high-value assets and people in all regions of the world. The company’s end-to-end tracking and monitoring solutions leverage best-in-class hardware terminals, web-based tracking, fleet management software and flexible satellite airtime packages. ​​​​​​
Land mobile tracking solutions from Honeywell Global Tracking for trucks and vehicles enable reliable and cost-effective applications ranging from modest tracking-only applications to more complex fleet management applications.
End-to-end cargo tracking solutions from Honeywell Global Tracking combine satellite-based tracking capabilities with a range of sensors mounted inside high-value asset containers. These capabilities enable full-featured intrusion detection applications, where an operator can not only view the location of the containers, but also monitor what goes on inside them.
Personal tracking solutions from Honeywell Global Tracking are built around the Osprey Portable Tracker. This device is used by remote workers, security teams and others who are located in remote and hostile areas with limited or no access to terrestrial communications networks.