Industry Solutions

  • Honeywell Global Tracking delivers satellite-based products and services for tracking and monitoring high-value assets in all regions of the world. The company’s end-to-end solutions leverage best-in-class hardware terminals, web-based tracking, fleet management software and flexible satellite airtime packages.
  • Honeywell Global Tracking maritime solutions locate, track and monitor commercial and leisure vessels at regular pre-defined intervals, and fulfill all SSAS and LRIT requirements. In addition to GPS location, the company’s Tuna Buoys products provide real-time sea temperature, fish aggregation and fish finder services.
  • Honeywell Global Tracking’s fixed asset tracking solutions track and monitor high-value, semi-permanent industrial equipment. Remote assets can be equipped with advanced sensors that monitor location as well as the status of external equipment – e.g., fluid levels, engine temperature and generator start/stop.
  • Honeywell Global Tracking provides field-proven tracking and monitoring solutions for commercial transport companies operating in regions with heightened security requirements, as well as military applications. Features include the tracking of friendly forces, secure real-time messaging, advanced geofencing and more.
  • Honeywell Global Tracking Search & Rescue products and solutions have been at the center of leading Search & Rescue operations for decades. A majority of COSPAS-SARSAT members continue to rely on the company’s comprehensive and field-proven Search & Rescue portfolio to save lives around the world.