Become a Partner

Honeywell Global Tracking’s core terminals are more than just modems – the embedded capabilities allow a diverse range of custom functions to be added using third-party sensors and equipment.

With Honeywell Global Tracking products, flexibility is paramount, with an open architecture that supports out-of-the-box applications as well as a wide range of custom tracking and monitoring solutions.

Honeywell Global Tracking’s satellite terminals are small, lightweight, and designed as a single sealed unit ideal for discreet installation.

Benefits include:

• Low total cost of ownership, including airtime
• Flexible terminal programming that can easily accommodate custom solutions
• In-house support team offers both first line support as well as highly skilled engineers and subject matter experts


Honeywell Global Tracking provides a stable and reliable network with a consistent, high quality service operating over the Inmarsat satellite network, utilizing the affordable IsatM2M low data rate protocol. This service offers cost-effective short burst messaging with seamless worldwide coverage, and Global Tracking terminals can operate for many years with little to no maintenance.

Support Infrastructure

Honeywell Global Tracking terminals are designed and supported internally. We take pride in delivering best-in-class products, supported by dedicated in-house engineering and an experienced support team.

If you are interested in becoming a partner with Honeywell Global Tracking please contact us +44 (0) 1684 278610 or email